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These Shining Lives

A drama about women overcoming exploitation in the workplace. The colors of the women's clothes are bright to emphasize their glow, both inside and out, but the aprons, reflecting the dangerous work, are dark to foreshadow the horror that their occupation will bring. Each character’s costume reflects their personality: Charlotte is in a bold, floral pattern, emphasizing her vivaciousness; Pearl’s mix of plaid and dots gives her a fun and amusing sense of style; Frances is practical in an early teens-1920’s silhouette; and Catherine is in a solid-patterned costume to reflect her sturdiness and firm resolve. In the sea of patterns, Catherine stands out as the woman who ultimately fights for all of womankind.

Rendered in Pastel Colored Pencils.

Purdue University Theatre

Playwright: Melanie Marnich

Director: Emily Rollie

Costume Designer: Allison Jones

Scenic Designer: Jinqui He 

Lighting Designer: Garrett Bell

Photography: Andrew Day

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