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The approach to this production of Rent wasn't to reinvent but rather to pay homage to the original whilst acclimating it to modern times. I wanted to maintain the grit and realness from the original design but utilize modern fashion trends. This production was set in 1989-1990, however Y2K fashion was currently in style and relatable to a younger generation that didn't experience this timeframe. I used this mixture of 90s meets "Gen Z" fashion to further extend the idea that we as a society haven't moved past situations like this. Rent is still very much a needed life lesson wrapped up in a period piece. I was highly inspired by Keith Haring's color palette with bright bold colors and a harsh black outline. The clash creates an edgy, bold, and bright piece. 


Sketched in Pencil & Micron Pens

Rent Evocative Images


The Carnegie

Director: Eric Byrd

Costume Designer: Allison Jones

Scenic Designer: Tyler Duncan Gabbard
Lighting: Alaina Pizzoferrato

Photography: Mikki Schaffner

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