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"And the World Will Know."


Newsies is the story of the Newsboy strike that occurred in New York in 1899. I was inspired by the vertical and horizontal lines on the actual newspapers these boys would sell, and that translated to a lot of patterns. I played with plaids, stripes, and layering of garments to create intersecting lines that constantly crossed; this created a constant movement as these boys peddled their papers across the stage. I used lavish colors to create fantastic moments like with Medda and Bowery Beauties, and the lack thereof translated to Snyder & Pulitzer and their respective spaces. Color assisted in creating hope in a sea of sepia; as characters gained or lost hope their colors would mimic their feelings. 

Disney's Newsies

The Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre

Director: Eric Byrd

Costume Designer: Allison Jones

Scenic Designer: Brett Bowling
Lighting: Denny Reed

Photography: Tammy Cassesa

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