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I wanted to break the typical mold for this show, but I had to maintain a certain consistency with such established characters like the Addams Family. I was inspired by the original cartoon's gray-tones and bold linework, but also the warm jewel tones of Victorian Gothic Art. The lavish textures and layering mixed with dripping frayed fabric created a deathly luxurious world. I kept the Addams in their traditional silhouettes, but I incorporated the jewel tones in the ghostly ancestors; my team and I decided to move in a zombie-decaying direction rather than the ghostly white standard. It's as if the Addams discover their true potential/color in death.


Rendered in Marker.

The Addams Family

Summer Stock Stage

Director: Emily Holloway

Costume Designer: Allison Jones

Lighting Designer: Michael Moffatt

Photography: Andrew Day

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