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Nell Gwynn, a show with layers. 

Nell is a confident character who is trying to find her purpose, be it through acting on the stage (as one of England’s first female actresses) or through a scandalous affair with King Charles II. This show is a historical comedy with a twist. The audience receives a meta-theatre experience as they watch both our production, as well as the shows within. The shows that occur within the King’s Playhouse in the script will incorporate modern fabrics such as snakeskin, plaid, honeycomb, and other patterns. This creates a multi-dimensional theatre playing space, where a snakeskin vest is possible. Additionally, the fourth wall will be broken within the costumes though removable trims and accessories. Ribbon Loops, Stomachers, Sleeves, and Skirts will be removed right before the audience’s eyes. Our audience will feel the era with historically-period silhouettes; however through the use of modern closures like snaps, velcro, and magnets, the audience will be reminded that they are in a modern theatre space. The colors are bright and bold to reflect the time of the Merry Monarch (King Charles II). Each costume utilizes pattern mixing to create a lavish and ornate style.

Rendered Digitally with Sketchbook.

Nell Gwynn

Purdue University Theatre

Playwright: Jessica Swale

Director: William W. Lewis

Costume Designer: Allison Jones

Scenic Designer: Charlie Calvert

Lighting Designer: Denisse Chavez

Photography: Andrew Day

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