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She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters embodies the Dungeons and Dragons craze of the 90's, allowing the characters to flaunt a DIY cosplay style. 

The headpiece was built onto a Fosshape head cap made to fit the actress. The horns were shaped using carved pool noodles on wire bases, coated in thermoplastic Varaform,  covered with black fabric, and painted for detail. The finger-bone crown was sculpted out of Varaform, and attached to the base of the headpiece. A black wig, with holes cut in specific locations, went atop of the whole piece. The finishing touch was a braid. 

Process Photos Headpiece.jpg

Purdue University Theatre

Playwright: Qui Nguyen

Director: Amy Lynn Budd

Costume Designer: Courtney Frederick

Photography: Andrew Day

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