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A drama which features themes about isolation, identity crises, illness, drug abuse, closeted homosexuality, and denial. The colors, patterns, and silhouettes contrast to intensify the isolation felt by each character. Though the costumes intentionally clash, they remain linked to one another to advance the idea of the interconnectedness of all humans. The silhouettes juxtapose a period 1980s cut with modern style, which emphasizes the play's relevance to present day.

This play has extreme moments of darkness, balanced with those of hopefulness; the color palette mirrors this balance. The professional, political world is dark and brooding; the personal world, is colorful but muted (with the exception of the bold neons used in scenes depicting hallucinations).

Rendered in Marker.

Angels In America Pt. 1: Millennium Approaches

Purdue University Theatre

Play By: Tony Kushner

Directed By: Richard Stockton Rand

Costume Designed By: Allison Jones

Scenic Designed By: Tianshu Liu

Lighting Designed By: Garrett Bell

Photos By: Andrew Day &

Melodie Yvonne Ramey

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