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Set in the 1930s, this show reveals the unrealistic societal constraints on women throughout time. The costumes emphasized conformity through the period-accurate bias-cut silhouettes and distinguished uniqueness through specific style lines and color. Clashing patterns, shapes, and colors further emphasized the stressed relationship dynamics between women. This show is done in 3 parts with parts 1 and 2 taking a traditional seating arrangement, but Part 2 is a breaking of the 4th wall as the audience comes on stage into Fefu's house and sees vignette-style scenes in a varying order. This concept made intricate and tiny details more important, as the audience would get closer they could see the meticulous outer stitch work that alluded to the tight structures these women were trying to upheld.

Rendered in Watercolor. 

Fefu and Her Friends

Purdue Theatre

Director: Raquel Lopez

Costume Designer: Allison Jones

Scenic Designer: Denisse Chavez
Lighting: Denisse Chavez

Photography: Andrew Day

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